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pelvic floor therapy services

urinary dysfunction

We treat stress incontinence (leaking with cough/sneeze/laugh, lifting, jumping, exercise, etc.), urge incontinence (leaking when you have to pee), post-void leakage, retention of urine, urinary frequency and urgency, and more.

pelvic organ prolapse

If you are experiencing bulging of pelvic organs, heaviness, discomfort, or feeling like "something is there", we will assess and treat in order to help better control your pressure system and prevent worsening in the future. 

pregnancy &


We treat ANY dysfunction during pregnancy and postpartum. This can include leakage, DRA (abdominal separation), pelvic pain (SPD), pain with sex, constipation, and wellness for preparation for delivery and postpartum phases.

diastasis rectus & core rehabiliation

Core weakness or abdominal separation? We can take care of you! Whether you have scar tissue from a previous cesarean section, doming with activation, difficulty exercising or engaging your core with functional activities, we can assess and come up with a plan.

scar tissue mobility



Did you know scar tissue can contribute to abdominal adhesions, difficulty with muscle engagement, pain, pain with sex, and more? We will assess and manually treat your scar tissue to help any dysfunction.

bowel dysfunction



We treat constipation, bowel leakage, gut health, and beyond. We provide resources to help heal and connect to your pelvic floor muscles for the best toileting experience and to protect your pelvic floor and core.


pelvic pain

Pelvic pain can range from pain with sex, pain with insertion of tampons or menstrual cups, pain to tailbone, pubic bone, SIJ, low back or hips, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome, cesarean scar or abdominal scar pain, and more. We can treat you!


& postmenpause

Are you in either phase of life? Did you just learn about pelvic floor therapy? It is NOT too late. Pelvic floor dysfunction in these phases of life is POSSIBLE and just as effective as if you were immediately postpartum. 


& cycle wellness

We are passionate about teaching you about your menstrual cycle- from proper use of menstrual cups, how to benefit from exercise during different cycle phases, to learning your cycle better to help your pelvic floor and ultimately health. 

questions about pricing?

contact us

We would love to help you on your journey. Please reach out with any questions! If you're ready to book, you can register through the online link below, or call/text Amber, our office administrator!


Phone: ‪(417) 414-0782‬

Fax: 417-221-4108

Hours: By appointment - call or text to schedule

Location: 5006 N 22nd St, Ozark, MO 65721 

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