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pelvic floor physical therapy


1. How many visits will I need?

This can be a tough question to answer, because it depends! On average, we see patients between 6-10 visits. Typically pelvic pain diagnoses can require more time, depending on how chronic the condition. In order to ensure proper training of your neuromuscular system, we do recommend monthly follow ups after the initial 6-8 visits in order to ensure there is no regression! This is tailored to each individual.

2. What diagnoses do you treat?

Urinary and bowel incontinence, constipation, pelvic pain (pubic bone, coccyx/tailbone, round ligament, vulvodynia, IC/painful bladder syndrome, vestibulitis, vaginismus, painful urination, frequent non-bacterial UTI's, pain with sex and/or insertion), C-section recovery, diastasis rectus abdominus (DRA), urinary ugency/frequency, scar tissue, postpartum recovery, menopause and perimenopausal concerns, pelvic organ prolapse- please Contact Us if you are unsure if pelvic floor therapy is right for you!

3. How much does pelvic floor physical therapy cost?

We are a cash based physical therapy group. This means we can provide a coded super bill but do not submit to insurance on your behalf. We believe in this model firmly because this allows us to do what we love- treat you, the patient! Because we do not have to cater to insurance, we can treat you for the amount of visits that are necessary and our pricing is transparent. Head to our Pricing Information page to learn more about exact costs.

4. What is your cancellation policy?

Evaluations are non-refundable. The policy is 36  hours for regular visits ($100 late cancellation or rescheduling fee). Same day cancels are the full cost of the session. This allows us time to fill our schedule with other patients and plan accordingly. As a small business, thank you for your understanding!

5. When do you recommend I start pelvic floor therapy?

TODAY! If you are pregnant, we definitely recommend during and after. There is not "an age" in which your pelvic floor can't be helped! So if you are post-menopausal and concerned, it is NEVER too late! For postpartum, we can begin as early as desired, however an internal assessment will not be performed until 6 weeks or clearance is obtained from your provider.

6. What if I am nervous for an internal assessment?

Our goal is that you always feel comfortable in therapy! If you have any concerns with an internal exam due to your past experiences we can talk through this and make sure you feel ready before an internal examination. Please discuss any concerns with your physical therapist!

7. What does the initial examination look like?

In the initial examination, we will review your intake form and take a thorough history of anything that has been contributing to your concerns. During and after this, we provide lots of patient education so that you can connect to your pelvic floor and your body! We will answer any questions you have along the way. Following this, if appropriate, we will perform an internal/external pelvic floor exam, in which we are looking at the muscles, connective tissues, pressure system, and how it all coordinates and works together. 

During this time we will typically teach you your homework/exercises! We will discuss what to expect from follow up sessions and what your plan of care will look like.

8. Do you give out exercises?

Yes! Each program is tailored to YOU! Our system, PT Everywhere, allows us to provide video education and handouts. If we tell you to do an exercise for home, we will give you the same exercise in a video. We have found that this is extremely helpful in remembering how to do the exercise we discussed in the session!

9. I saw an online program for pelvic floor therapy. Why should I come in person?

What we have found in our practice is that online programs can be fantastic for prevention if you have no diagnosis or big concerns. We highly recommend an in-person examination from a trained (APTA or Herman and Wallace) physical or occupational therapist so that we can give you feedback if you are doing the exercises correctly, or appropriately. You may see gains much quicker from seeing someone in-person.

10. Since you are cash-based, do I need a doctor's order or referral?

In the state of Missouri, a physical therapist can evaluate and treat you for 10 visits or 30 days, whatever comes first. If we see you beyond 30 days, we can reach out to your doctor (DO/MD), advanced nurse practitioner (NP, PA, CNM), or chiropractor (DC) with a request for an order.  It is typically no problem at all to do so!

11. Can I come while pregnant?

Absolutely! Unless you are on bedrest or have any conditions which your care provider is restricting movement or exercise, we are definitely able to do pelvic floor physical therapy. This can help with conditions such as SPD, urinary incontinence, constipation, round ligament pain, low back and SIJ pain, DRA, or any other concerns related to the pelvic floor you are having!

12. Where are you located?

We are in Ozark, MO, off of the CC (Lambert's) exit. Turn right off the exit, and make a left at N 22nd St (Mudhouse is on the corner). Drive less than a mile and you will see our buildings with black awnings. We are the last group of buildings on the left.


We are located to the right of Nuckolls Agencies when facing our building. There are two orange parking cones you can park in and "The 417 Female" is listed on the door! See below for a map to find us!

contact us - pelvic floor therapy

We would love to help you on your journey. Please reach out with any questions! If you're ready to book, you can register through the online link below!


Phone: ‪(417) 414-0782‬

Fax: 417-221-4108

Hours: By appointment - call or text to schedule

Location: 5006 N 22nd St, Ozark, MO 65721 

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