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pricing information

transparent physical therapy pricing

Cash-based physical therapy services mean that we do not take insurance.

We can provide a superbill with proper coding at request.

why cash-based pelvic floor therapy?

  • You will always know what a session will cost!

  •  60-minute treatment sessions with 1-on-1 care

  • Your insurance company may reimburse with our provided superbills

  • In hospital-based settings, therapy can cost between $300-500 per session ​​

  • ​Shorter waitlists for therapy- other local hospital-based settings can be between 2-3 month wait times

  • Video technology for home exercise program provided


Initial Evaluation | $195

Initial consultation includes a 60-70 minute evaluation and creation of a care plan. Initial examination includes discussion of history, education on the pelvic floor, internal/external exam as indicated, orthopedic assessment, and discussion home program.


Regular Appointment | $175

Follow up sessions are 45-60  minutes. With online booking, we recommend scheduling 4-5 follow up sessions so that you have guaranteed visits, otherwise we may not have follow ups for 6-8 weeks following initial evaluation.

Cancellation policy: Initial evaluation non-refundable. Please provide 36 hours for follow-up sessions or $100 rescheduling/cancellation fee will apply.  No shows/same day cancellations are full cost of session. Thank you for your understanding!

Do I need a referral for therapy?

An order is NOT required in Missouri for the first 30 days of care as of August 2023.

If we determine a diagnosis after the first session, we will reach out to your provider with a request for an order as needed.  A provider includes: doctor (MD, DO), chiropractor, NP/PA, CNM (certified nurse midwife), dentist. We are able to see individuals for wellness or coaching sessions (no diagnosis) without a doctor's order.

still have questions? contact us!

We would love to help you on your journey. Please reach out with any questions! If you're ready to book, you can register through the online link below, or call/text Amber, our office administrator!


Phone: ‪(417) 414-0782‬ 

Fax: 417-221-4108

Hours: By appointment - call or text to schedule

Location: 5006 N 22nd St, Ozark, MO 65721 

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