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Updated: Apr 25

Below are a list of products that I use frequently and why. Please reach out with any questions!

I also do not endorse anything that I do not love and back 100%. I reached out to these companies for affiliate links because I love and recommend them ALL THE TIME!

Period Products

Hands down, Pixie Cup is my absolute favorite company! They are local to the Springfield, MO area and have the best customer service of any company. And they donate cups to those in need. Love this company so much!

Use code ALI15 for 15% off your Pixie Cup order!

Pregnancy + Postpartum

I LOVE Kindred Bravely products! This company is all about serving YOU. When COVID-19 hit, Kindred Bravely donated their Sublime Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing bra to essential health care mama's who had to pump at work. How stinkin awesome is that? I have two of these bras now and I use them EVERY SINGLE DAY. I also love that they have a size guide and it is extremely accurate to what size bra you should purchase. Not happy with the fit or your purchase? Just make sure you keep the tags on and they will get you taken care of until you get your perfect fit. Some of my postpartum favorites include: the Sublime Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra, the French Terry Scoopback Nursing and Sleep Bra, the Sublime Nursing Sports Bra, and the Jane Maternity & Nursing pajamas (BUTTERY SOFT). I ordered several of my bras during pregnancy and wore them then too! Also side note- I am very "tactile" sensitive, so if my clothes or bras don't fit right, it will give me anxiety. LOL. So having a bra I am comfortable in daily is a game-changer. You won't regret it.

Y'all. I have tried about every single lotion in the game that is chemical free. During pregnancy, I used coconut oil and essential oils to try to prevent dry skin that pregnancy was causing. What I learned is that coconut oil has a low ability to absorb in our skin, so it is a great, healthy oil but not so great when we need to hydrate the skin. I absolutely love Earth Mama Organics Belly Butter. I also love their baby lotions, which are essentially the same formula with different scents (NO FRAGRANCES!).

My son and I both have eczema and I have tried countless creams, lotions, steroids, oils, etc. and this lotion is the only thing I have tried that has gotten rid of both for me and him. They also have amazing pregnancy and postpartum teas, mama wellness kits, and baby kits that make great gifts. I also used their perineal spray and nipple butter postpartum and highly recommend, and sitz baths were one of my favorite relieving things after birth. Love this company and their products.

Use code ALISCHERMERDPTEM25 for 25% off!

Bao Bei Active is near and dear to me as a company I refer women to because their founder is a physical therapist herself! Who better to design items to support women functionally for pregnancy and postpartum? One of their items I most recommend and have personal experience with is the Bao Bei ProBump™ Pregnancy Belly Support Band.

This is a game changer during pregnancy if you work out or if you simply need extra support to protect your back, posture, and pelvic floor. I also have their Adore Maternity & Nursing Bralette, which is extremely comfortable and soft. They have so many other awesome products; from support leggings to intimate wear. Check them out!

Save your tailbone, train your pelvic floor, and keep for after pregnancy for core work. I highly recommend a birth ball to keep at home! I often give women (pregnant and not) a birth ball to help learn to isolate the hips and core. This is a great tool and can be used in SO many ways! I typically suggest a 65 cm ball.

Frida Mom Products

This company is doing it right. I purchased and LOVED my Frida Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit, which came with perineal ice packs, foaming perineal spray, postpartum undies, witch hazel cooling liners, and a storage caddy to keep in the bathroom. Worth every penny. I also suggest purchasing their postpartum underwear (couldn't find link, so mesh postpartum underwear would be the closest thing), because they are not bulky, form fitting, and seriously comfortable. I wore them even after I didn't need to. Lol. I did not use because I was provided one, but I have heard from lots of women that their peri bottle is definitely worth the purchase as well!

I did not have hemorrhoids during pregnancy thanks to the Squatty Potty and knowing how to toilet properly, however when you are pushing a baby out down there, hemorrhoids are a bit unavoidable. Tuck's pads were a life saver after baby and especially helpful after bowel movements. They are cooling and the witch hazel assists with healing the perineal area after a tear or trauma. Highly recommend!

So this is called a "breast pump" but it is actually a "suction cup" essentially that catches your let down milk. I had a very extensive milk supply but I would put this on one side while Wyatt nursed on the other side and I stored 3 freezer tubs full of milk without EVER pumping! If you plan to breast feed, this thing is literally a MILK SAVER. Just remember to use the flower top plug after you use it because if you are clumsy like me, you WILL CRY over this spilled milk. (Here is the link to one with flower plug)

Second time around I used the Lady Bug pump and absolutely loved it.

This is the prenatal vitamin I used throughout pregnancy and currently to meet my needs during menstrual years. Did you know that you need to take a prenatal during menstruating years, even if your goal is not pregnancy? YES!

An optimal menstrual cycle means optimal health. All of their forms are methylated, so if you have MTHFR gene copies, this company is compliant with those needs.

I also love their collagen and electrolytes, which are essential for optimizing hydration!

Use code ALISCHERMERDPT20 for 20% off your first order!

Belly bands and supportive leggings

These can provide a great way to protect the core during pregnancy and postpartum during healing. Some bands that I like to recommend can be found below:

I typically don't suggest binders long term as we do not want to rely on them, rather build up muscle strength, but they can be great for initial support in healing!

Online Fitness Programs

Get Mom Strong is hands down, the best core, prolapse and pelvic floor home program. Ashley herself has been through pelvic floor rehab after her twin pregnancy and collaborated with many other pelvic health professionals to make this program what it is.

This program got me through my pregnancy with Riley and postpartum recovery. As a PT, I also like when workouts are created for me, because my brain is creative with home programs all day for my patients!

It does not matter your age, or even if you have had kids! This program is great for ALL women of ALL ages!

Use code THE417FEMALE for a 21-day FREE trial!

Lindsey Bomgren is sweet, fiery, and fun, and even has an amazing postpartum program for return to exercise. This program is great for those who especially know how to activate their core and pelvic floor. It is FREE and she has tons of great programs, and always provides modifications.

So thankful for Lindsey and her platform!

Hormone and Gut Health

Kinsey is hands down one of the best practitioners I know. She truly cares so deeply about women's health and finding the root cause of conditions. Her team is TOP NOTCH. They have helped so many of my patients, and, BONUS, she is based online!

Her Happy and Wholesome Hormones Course personally changed my life. I am so thankful for Kinsey and the amazing work that she does!

Brittany is a personal friend, which is so cool, because she is THE BOMB. Her team is amazing, also working to support the gut and normalize eating and put an end to diet culture. She is a functional dietitian, which I think is so important with all of the misinformation about food and how to eat.

It is so important to have an informed professional guiding you through gut and diet, and their team does just that.

General Health

Just Thrive is a spore-based probiotic that has gone through survivability studies. By being a spore-based probiotic, it is dairy, gluten, and nut free, and the bacteria actually survives your stomach acid to make it to your gut. Refer to their website for more detailed information! This podcast episode from Wellness Mama is how I found out about Just Thrive Probiotic and I have loved using it since. I have noticed a significant difference to my bowels and overall well-being since I have used this probiotic. For 15% off, use the code "ali15" at checkout!

Need I say more? Us westerner's came by way of toilets and ruined the natural squat. The reason a squat is necessary for bowel movements is because we have a muscle called the puborectalis. The puborectalis wraps around our rectum, and when in a seated 90/90 knee to hip position, the puborectalis maintains a "kinked"or tightened position. When our knees elevate to mimic a squat, the puborectalis "unkinks" or relaxes, which allows the rectum to straighten. What does that mean? Easier time pooping. WIN. In Eastern cultures that still use squatting as a method of pooping, there are studies that show a significant decrease in pelvic floor prolapse, constipation, and tearing with childbirth. Pooping correctly also allows you to decrease the intra-abdominal pressure caused by straining, which can help you improve core and pelvic floor strength.

Plant Therapy

 I am asked SO OFTEN how I cleared my home of chemicals (still in process!). The majority are gone now, and I love having essential oils as a supplemental scent in my home. I also learned that since oils are not regulated by the FDA, an oil that says it is "organic" can actually contain only 5% of that actual oil and be filled with fragrance and other ingredients for the rest of it.

I have loved Plant Therapy essential oils and find that it is cost effective and overall a great company!


Some of the product links on this blog contain affiliate links to products. If you click on the link or purchase an item, I may receive compensation, however there is no additional cost to you to purchase. I only promote items that I firmly believe in. I am also under no obligation to write product reviews on my blog, however I do so because I would like to share products that I enjoy!

This content is created in order for individuals to learn more about the pelvic floor. I am in no way giving medical advice or medically assessing the pelvic floor through this blog. If you ever have any health questions or concerns, please consult with your physician or midwife. If you are ever unsure if you are performing exercises correctly, it may be beneficial for you to get a referral from your physician to a pelvic floor therapist for further evaluation. My blog posts are for educational purposes only! I am not liable or responsible for any damages resulting from or related to your use of this information.

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