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Our goal for this community is that in 20 years, pelvic floor therapy won't just be an option... but an 


pelvic floor

physical therapy

pregnancy + postpartum wellness & preparation

perimenopause + postmenopausal

pelvic floor care

holistic healing of pelvic

pain and dysfunction

Ali deserves more than 5 stars. She needs at least 10 huge gold sparkly stars beside her name! Ali has an immense amount of experience and knowledge that is truly impressive and yet can share that information in a way that is so easy to understand and easy to implement. You will leave an appointment with Ali feeling heard, feeling understood, feeling confident, feeling worthy, and feeling like you have a friend in your corner who will always be cheering you on.
She is a light that will shine ahead of you so you can find your way out of the darkness you may find yourself in. She is genuine, kind, and passionate about helping people. Pelvic floor therapy was the key piece to me not feeling stuck anymore, to feeling free. Ali will help you feel more connected to your body and will help equip you with the knowledge and tools you need for your healing journey. I promise you Ali is who you want to see for pelvic floor therapy. She will empower you and will change your life.



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The 417 Female is blessed with the BEST! Our team is passionate about caring for you, the individual. Head to the link below to learn about our team members!


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about our owner

Hi! My name is Ali Schermer. I am a pelvic floor physical therapist in Springfield, MO. I am passionate about teaching women that pelvic floor dysfunction is common, but not normal
I discovered pelvic floor physical therapy when I was in physical therapy school and quickly knew it was the field I wanted to work in. At the time, I had not had my own children yet, but had life-long struggles with bowel dysfunction and chronic pelvic pain.
I learned through what I was teaching others in pelvic floor physical therapy that I could heal too. Fast forward to when I had my own children, and I have also learned what it looks like to rehabilitate and heal through leakage during pregnancy, pelvic organ prolapse, and postpartum healing.
We are so excited to help, you on your journey, too!
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