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Our goal for this community is that in 20 years, pelvic floor therapy won't just be an option... but an 


pelvic floor

physical therapy

pregnancy + postpartum wellness & preparation

perimenopause + postmenopausal

pelvic floor care

holistic healing of pelvic

pain and dysfunction

The first time I met Ali was at her pelvic floor class at The Studio. I learned so much and was truly impressed with how she was so willing to help. She is so kind, passionate, and knowledgeable about what she does.
A year or so after meeting her, I went to see her for pelvic floor PT and it was so truly beneficial for me. She listened to all that I said without downplaying any of my issues. I could tell that she truly cared and wanted to help. She is so informative and the main reason I feel so confident about healing my pelvic floor, after my now, third pregnancy.
It was truly a breath of fresh air getting to work with her and if I ever have any more issues I will be sure to reach out to her!


about our owner

Hi! My name is Ali Schermer. I am a pelvic floor physical therapist in Springfield, MO. I am passionate about teaching women that pelvic floor dysfunction is common, but not normal
I discovered pelvic floor physical therapy when I was in physical therapy school and quickly knew it was the field I wanted to work in. At the time, I had not had my own children yet, but had life-long struggles with bowel dysfunction and chronic pelvic pain.
I learned through what I was teaching others in pelvic floor physical therapy that I could heal too. Fast forward to when I had my own children, and I have also learned what it looks like to rehabilitate and heal through leakage during pregnancy, pelvic organ prolapse, and postpartum healing.
We are so excited to help, you on your journey, too!

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