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Watch out world: one more blogger

I’ve been so scared to do this, but I have prayed and sat with the Lord...and still feel urged to do so. So I’m going to start a blog about the pelvic floor. Why? Well frankly, I think of the pelvic floor when I’m feeding my baby. I think about the pelvic floor when he sleeping. I think about my pelvic floor when I’m working out. I think about my pelvic floor when I’m intimate with my husband (Sorry Zach). I think about my pelvic floor when I’m sitting. So, whether I’m just talking to myself, or have an audience, the pelvic floor seems relevant.

So often, I get questions from women about how to help their pelvic floor postpartum. As a pelvic floor physical therapist, my first answer is always: go see a Pelvic Floor Therapist! The unfortunate part, however, as with many things in the healthcare field, is that physical therapy is expensive, and usually insurance doesn’t cover visits until you’ve met your $6000 deductible (not always though- call your insurance first! And ALWAYS follow up about a questionable medical bill before you pay it).

I get so many questions from women after having babies, “what do I do, Ali? I’m hurting with sex. I am leaking urine. I feel pressure by the end of the day. I am struggling with my “6-pack abs” when I work out”. I want to be a free resource for those close around me to know where to go and where to learn. And if I happen to reach others outside the Springfield (i.e. SGF=Springfield 😝), that is amazing!

My goal is to impact as many women as possible in my career, and reach as many people as possible in order to help them live freely. What is living free? Well first, it involves not peeing your pants. Am I right? I obviously had passion for this before I became a mama, but being a new mama, I am now directly affected by this. Mamas, I know how hard it is to get on the floor and do those exercises. I know we all want to quick-fix. I know we want to get back into those jumping jacks without peeing our pants. I know we don’t want to feel pelvic pressure by the end of the day.

The beauty and what the research tells us, is that we don’t have to. But just like changing our exercise routine, just like implementing healthy habits into our lifestyle, pelvic floor exercises can be a significant part of that. But... it’s not just kegels. you have to learn how to properly activate your CORE (diaphragm, pelvic floor, transversus abdominus, multifidi- don’t worry, I will post about these!) You have to know how to breathe. How many of us take the time to stop and breathe? Have you ever looked at a baby’s belly when they breathe? They breathe properly. On the inhale their belly expands and on the exhale their belly returns. Pretty amazing.

This blog is meant to give you a place to go when you’re not sure how to do it. I always say, go see Pelvic Floor Therapist if you’re unsure, however hopefully this can help be a free guide to you to get started. It can be daunting – I know from experience now. I know the information, and yet it’s still difficult to accomplish. BUT! You can do it. We can do it. Whether you’re 20 years or five days postpartum, or whether you just know your core strength isn’t there- you can do it! And I’m here to help. Walk with me friend.

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